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Name: Sarah
Age: 18
Location: WI
Gender: Grrl

Favorite musical artists (5): Ben Folds, Coldplay, Defiance Ohio, Conor Oberst, Arcade Fire
Favorite movies (5): Girl interupted, pulp fiction, blue velvet, fight club, Spanglish
Favorite TV shows (5): I don't watch tv...
Favorite foods: pickles, apples, rice and sour skittles
Favorite books (5): Love etc, After Lucy, Love Me, Hey Nostradomus!, The Bible
Favorite words: feg
Favorite quote of all time: "Hearts aren't made of glass. They're made of muscle blood and something else. And they don't so much as break, they bend and tear. And we have what it takes to keep it together and move on." Tell me that one, fukkaz. You should know...

What makes life good for you? My friends. My music.
What makes a song interesting for you? Uhh... interesting lyrics? its pleasing to the ears...
What makes a night good for you?  various things.
What do you spend most of your time doing? probably exaclty this
Do you do any recreational drugs? If so, which? No... and neither should you. You're too young for that bullshit. ;)

What is the greatest invention of all time and why? my cell phone. Because it has sweet games on it and I can check my email and sheeyit.
What is the stupidest invention of all time and why? nuclear missles. Jesus takes care of death. Duh.
If you could get drunk with any person throughout history, who would it be and why? Vincent Van Gogh. I bet he was a happy funny drunk. Poor ol' sap.
If you could stab anyone throughout history with a spork, who would it be and why? wtf, who stabs people with sporks? nobody. It doesnt do anything.... DUMB QUESTION.

Comedy or Drama? Drama. Comedy is never funny to me.
Male or Female singer? Depends on the song and music style. But I'd say I generally enjoy female.. But then again I don't like female voices at all because they're kinda annoying and you cant say "omfgz hes so dreamy"
Color photography or Black and White? Depends on the subject of the photograph. And I bet all you wankers think black and white because its trendy bullshit. WRONG. Black and White if its a stupid subject with a lot of shit. Because then you're focused on the shit in the photo instead of the colours. Colour photos if its a shot of garbage can outside.

but whatever. To each their own. (though I am willing to fight about this)

Are you gonna promote your ass off? Probably not
Are you gonna be active? Theres nothing here to be active with. If you mean making retarded posts about how I totally went to the park today and saw this guy skating and he totally fell on his face and was bleeding then fuck yeah I'll be active as shit.
Did you like the application? killed some time. sure
Should it be longer or shorter (or is it fine now)? if you get some nonretarded questions
How did you get here? Defiance ohio

I don't really plan on lasting to long. I'm kind of too snotty for this shit.


later kiddz!
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